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Testing the impact of radio and TV equipment display on traffic and conversion in the store


A Polish chain of electronics stores decided to verify to what extent a change in the arrangement of the place of sale will improve customer flows in the store and reduce the number of cold zones. An additional goal of the research was to verify to what extent products placed at the storefront have an impact on the number of walk-ins.


The research was carried out in a store located in one of the shopping malls in Łódź. The project was divided into two stages: pretest, i.e. a thorough analysis of the current arrangement, and test, in which the arrangement of aisles and products in the store was modified, and the products at the storefront were changed. Over 900 hours of recordings from 16 cameras were analyzed. 44 500 people passing by the storefront and over 3000 customers entering the store were coded.


  • percentage of people deciding to enter the store before and after the change of display
  • number of people entering the store at specific hours
  • profile of the customer visiting the store, including gender and age
  • a map containing the most common entry directions and popularity of paths around the store
  • ranking of presence and interest in categories and product contact
  • number of conversions in all categories
  • analysis of changes in the behavior of consultants in the store
  • average time of interest in individual products
  • frequency of conversations between consultants and customers before and after the change
  • verification of research hypotheses and numerous conclusions


The chain of stores received accurate figures describing the change in customer behavior in the store after changes in the arrangement. Solutions worth continuing and copying to other stores as well as those requiring modification were indicated. The research showed exactly how the number of people entering the store changed, to what extent cold zones were limited and how the availability of consultants changed.