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Analysis of drink sales per category vs additional displays


A large number of displays at the point of sale makes them less and less noticeable by customers but also results in ever growing costs of buying display space. A popular drink manufacturer was looking for information on the effectiveness of individual in-store solutions – effectiveness of additional displays depending on their location and optimal filling with products in various sales formats.



We carried out the research in supermarkets and hypermarkets located in four Polish cities during the 2 weeks falling at the peak of the summer holiday season. Video recordings covered all additional drink displays and the analysis included traffic, customer behavior, and exact sales from additional displays. The research covered over 20,000 customers interested in drinks.



  • summary of category sizes and additional displays – project background
  • total number of customers in the category and at the additional displays
  • average time spent by customers to choose a drink in the product aisle and at the additional displays
  • sales structure according to types of displays, broken down by manufacturer, brand and type of drink
  • sales structure according to location, broken down by price segment, packaging type and purchase volume
  • detailed analysis of sales data, including sales report divided into hours and days of the week
  • buying customer’s profile
  • classification of purchases from refrigerators taking into account the weather
  • analysis of interest in the additional displays
  • statement of customer traffic between the category and the additional displays
  • breakdown into customers who buy in a decisive and indecisive way, split by different places of purchase
  • numerous conclusions from the research and change recommendations



The manufacturer obtained information on the exact sale of the drink category from additional displays and regular shelves in various store formats. Owing to this, it became possible to use the promotional budget more effectively. Well-functioning elements as well as those requiring improvement were identified, including those associated with the location of the additional display and its stocking.